Introducing goose wrangler Vivian. She dreams about geese! Highly trained and has a great resume, working golf courses to commercial business parks. She has a great “eye” and is calculated in her approach. Driven and guaranteed to keep geese away.

​Introducing goose wrangler Quill. His presence is very strong with kindness. He knows what needs to be done and takes care of business. Beautiful border collie and a graceful in his approach. A pleasure to have as a co-worker. 

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Our Process

Each property is unique as a result we can offer a client specific plan after evaluating your situation. Once we have the opportunity to discuss your goose control concerns and look at your property we will provide you with a firm quote. Take advantage of our free demo with our border collies, we are looking forward to meeting you and keeping geese off or your site.

How Does It Work?

We will be there at various times of the day. Once the flock understands that a predator is in the area to stay they will stop coming back. We will continue to check your property to ensure you do not have invited guests. Each visit will vary in time and we will be there as long as it takes to ensure your property is in good shape.

Geese are pattern oriented as a result we will need to be there at different times of the day. Once they realize that your property is unsafe the flock of geese will move to a different location. 

You will be sent a weekly report that notes when we have worked your site, how many geese were present on arrival and any additional information that may be necessary or requested. 

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